Hello all,

My tenant is currently on a month to month lease - has been in the property for about 20 months now.

She is past due on her July rent, looks like August won't be any different. She refuses to communicate as to why she is always late, or even to set up a plan - for which my wife and I are completely willing to work with her on. In CA, I understand I have to give 60 days notice for tenants who have lived in the unit for over a year, but, I also know there are certain circumstances, like paying rent late or not at all, that allows Landlords to expedite the process. So, because she is in violation of the lease by paying rent late (almost every month by the way), can't I just serve her with the 3 day pay or quit and tell her to leave in X days instead of needing to use the 60 day notice?

Also, do I have to do a formal walk through in these processes, or is it about getting my unit back from the tenant first and foremost and then having the time to do all the admin stuff (walk thru, inspection to determine deposit return amount, etc.?)

If someone could walk me through the exact process in this scenario, I'd greatly appreciate it! Process meaning, can I post the 3 day or Unconditional quit notice or does it still have to be the 60 day notice... who has to serve it using the "post and mail" option... once it is served, after the allotted time expires without payment, what do I do next... etc.?!?!