PLEASE HELP!! Need info on tenants rights!

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Thanks so much for reading.
Here is my question. I signed a lease to live in an up and coming small neighborhood for one year. It turns out after huricane Katrina the neighborhood has gone to ****! Someone got shot 2 blocks away 2 nights ago. This is a gated community that never keeps the gate closed!
But my real question is about property management. My property manager or actual owner of my condo switched property management companies. The new property management group is one that i have had before and have not liked AT ALL! I have read over the lease and no where does it say that they can do this with out giving us the option to get out of the lease...and I want out!! Please contact me and tell me what i should do to get out of this lease and if i can THANKS!!

I don't think you can get out of your lease because you don't like the new PM company. I think your defense will be that you are not feeling safe in that neighborhood. I assume you originally rented there because you liked the area and having a gated community was of importance to you. I'm not even sure if the recent crime is a valid reason to get a releae from the lease. I understand your frustration and hopefully the new PM will screw up enough to give you that "legal out". Make sure you put everything in writing.....dates and who you talk with's important.
Good luck to you.

P.S. Might help to talk with some of your neighbors to get others to back you up. Maybe someone knows of an agency who could help you.

Karemcd gave good advice.

I do have one other comment---it is possible that the owner is not aware of lousy PM or that owner is aware but is stuck with their agreement until expiration.

You might want to keep that in mind. Plus, any documents you have just may be what the owner could use to fire the new PM!


Another option: Google "your town name + 'tenant advocacy'"

If the town is too small, use the state name. Every state has a tenant advocacy or tenants' rights organization(s). They'll have a ton of free assistance, sometimes including free legal help. If nothing else, they can send a letter on your behalf to the PM and owner.

Nothing scares the crap out of a landlord (I am one) like a letter from the local tenant advocacy group!

How are you doing? Did you ever get out of your lease? There was alot of coverage on the hurricane when it first happened, but the rest of the country hasn't heard much since. Is it getting back to normal? Do you feel safer now? I hope so. Everyone should feel safe in their home. Keep in touch.