Trailer park manager harassing my tenant

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I own a mobile home l located in a trailer park. I am continually receiving calls from the park manager that my tenant is destroying my trailer and park. I have gotten complaints that the police are always at the trailer and trash is scattered all over the lawn. The police department has only been there once and that was to see if she know whereabouts of her brother. Also, I have never seen trash on lawn and the last time I changed the filter the trailer looked better than when tenant moved in. My tenant is a single mom and about 10 years younger than the average tenant of the park. Any suggestions on how to deal with property manager?

Just because you don't see it on your planned visits doesn't mean it's not happening. Let your manager manage, and if the tenant is breaking rules, you have an obligation to evict. Ask your manager for photos and records.

have you made any unscheduled visits to assess outside conditions? Have you reached out to local PD to confirm that there are not multiple issues at this location?