Peoria Illinois rental discussion

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I am hoping to hear from people that have been renting properties in Peoria Illinois.

I live in Aurora Illinois and plan to be rather hands off (not blind) on rehab and property management so I would love the name of quality contractors /property managers if anyone has someone trustworthy and reliable that they recommend.

I plan to buy a 2-4 unit building by the end of the year possibly 2 buildings by then. I like the idea of multifamily over single family but I will go whichever way the money works out better. I am looking to target these areas because properties are cheaper and I feel like I should be able to make a few properties work for me. I know the area is not the greatest area and that is why everything is cheaper but I figure... the people in these town need to live somewhere!

Plus I thought it would be interesting for people investing in the same towns to have a conversation about their experiences.

Can't wait for the open dialog.

Thank you in advance,


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