Should I charge my Girlfriend rent?

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Daniel here is my 2 cents for what its worth. She is your girlfriend and has already informed you that she is not interested in REI. (in whatever way) Before you do anything else you need to inform her of your plans. This, to me speaks to a deeper issue that at some point you will need to address. I've had to have the same conversation with my Wife. If she doesn't support what you're doing and willing to put something in on the action and sees that you are looking to build a future then.... what's she therefore? (I'm speaking long run here). If you are looking to build on this relationship communication is key and her understanding that paying rent will allow you to build a future with her is important. If she hasn't signed the contract yet (marriage) then this isn't a free ride. Keep in mind I'm married, Old and dusty. I look forward to your thoughts and I hope things workout. <3

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My fiancé and I have been splitting rent for the past 2 years that we have lived together. We split rent proportinal to how much money we make. We have plans in the future to allow her to become a stay at home mom, but in the mean time having her working and helping me pay off our home that we househack is extremely beneficial!

Charge her rent!  Every month on the first of the month, she'll be learning a valuable lesson about the value of owning real estate.  You'll be creating a real estate disciple, although admittedly, she may dump you!


Do whatever you want already disregarded the first rule of investing/landlording

@Daniel Lynch what a great question and I think the fact that you are asking that questions means that you are seeking to make this a personal question rather than a business question. It’s the right way to take it depending on how long term/serious the relationship is, but even in a new relationship I’d imagine the budget isn’t the only deciding factor.

What if someone buys a house with their fiancé but one person rents a room near their house because they don’t want to live together? From a values decision lens that makes sense, from a business mindset that’s an extra $650 that could go towards the wedding.

Think on it, communicate with her about it and see what she wants. Is she pushing you to give her the world, pay her bills, fly her to Bali and buy exotic purses? I assume not but that would be a red flag factory. You’ll know what to do.

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@Daniel Lynch From a tax perspective it could be beneficial to her if she paid you rent, and therefore be beneficial for the both of you.  If you approach it as though you are not technically charging her rent, but rather letting her know that if she did pay rent that she could file it on her taxes.  It would be your choice to use these funds for shared expenses such as groceries, vacations, going out to dinner, etc., which would be a wise approach with the ladyfriend.  This is definitely a sensitive subject so tread lightly and remember that "you cant un-ring a bell" so choose your words carefully.

@Daniel Lynch The marriages that end in a divorce 50% of those were related to finances, I know you're not married but consider the finances as top of mind and need to discuss before moving together (get comfortable with having these conversations).  I agree with most that she should help out with expenses in some way.  A couple who pays together stays together.  Happy Investing!

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So in the next few months I plan to buy my first duplex! I plan to house hack; rent out one side and live In the other. While running the numbers a thought crossed my mind about my girlfriend paying rent. Here’s the thing. She isn’t too interested in real estate and won’t be helping with the down payment or any renovations. Anyone else ran into this sensitive subject. Essentially if I made her pay “something” it could help with cash flow but morally it seems fishy. Any suggestions?

 Charge your G/F rent lol. If you like sleeping on the couch, sure go for it. On a serious note there is nothing wrong with both of you contributing to the household but don't be a dummy and tell her she is paying you rent. Have her buy the groceries or pay for the utilities or something of that nature. You don't want to treat your G/F like a tenant or you really will be on the couch real quick.

Don’t listen to these old schools that will probably be divorced once they get to retirement, I had an ex that didn’t pay a damn thing for years and saved up a substantial amount of money guess what I got nothing out of it, you gotta make them pay or get out the way, I got a few properties but the thing is If my girl pays I can invest in more things, stocks, bonds, pay off taxes but if I have to pay for everything then why even have her around it’s foolish, this is the reason many women have a secret savings account, be careful a lot of women only stay with men who pay the bills because of money not because of love ❤️

@Daniel Lynch I was with my Ex for 20 years. For the first 8 we split costs and/or our business paid for everything. We sold that business and started a new one which never quite paid the bills and certainly not our expenses. My ex made good money as a real estate agent and would occasionally take me out to dinner but never paid bills or rent in my home. I racked up tens of thousands of debt and paid bills with a full time job and eventually we broke up and I started over. My ex continued living rent free for four years after our divorce in my home using my electricity, my cable, and my internet. I finally got the property sold and haven’t seen her in six months. I should have put my foot down 12 years ago and said we were splitting the bills.

Now I am debt free, have 10 doors and am looking to do more deals.