I'm New to Real Estate and Need Advice on a Triple Net Rental

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There is a property in a D class neighborhood near the Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta GA. This neighborhood is in the process of being improved but I'm not sure to what degree and when the improvements will be at a sufficient level to have a dramatic effect on home value.

The way this deal works is as follows:

1. They want me to pay for the property in cash because they are selling all their properties to get into hotels. Cost is $365K.

2. With the house comes a 10 year triple net corporate contract where the company will pay me $3,000/month every month for the next 10 years. They, in turn rent it out and make about $5,100/month. I'm guaranteed the 3k for the next 10 years they cover all non-major expenses.

3. The CAP is 9.8%.

4. My concern is the true value of the property. If it's much less than what they are asking for and I want to sell it in the future I may be in trouble.

5. The upside is if that areas develops into something nice it may raise the property value to something really good.

Any help you guys can give a newb, as my son would say...lol, would be much appreciated.

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NOTE: It looks like they need a cash buyer because the comps in the area don't support the asking price. They seem to be about 100K lower than the asking price.

I understand it might be obvious but (setting aside other issues like overpaying especially) the "corporate contract" is only worth anything in this scenario (where you overpay) if the credit is very good to excellent. 10 years is a long risk. If you look at corporate bonds many don't have that extended maturity. It is so difficult to assess, even in a kosher scenario, if the lessee is able (forget willing) to pay...

People who took a ten year risk on Polaroid, Kodak, Circuit City, Pan AM etc were not that happy in the fourth quarter...

@Nick Fitzpatrick: thank you very much for your response, I really appreciate it!  I'm so  grateful for all the responses and so amazed by  the  wonderful Community Support  that this group has.... Happy to be a part of it  and hopefully in the future I'll be able to help others