TAR lease to make my own copy cat

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I am buying a multifamily in Texas and have been given the TAR leases from the current property manager. I will not be using the property manager going forward. What do y'all think if I use the information on the TAR lease and create my own version? Too risky for copyright infringement? Would it still hold up in court (as long as I keep the laws intact on new lease)? Thanks in advance

If you have a PRO membership with BiggerPockets, you will have access to their lease agreement and other forms. They are state specific and designed by investors and attorneys. I've reviewed it and think it's a great product. Or you can buy one from a local attorney but try to find one that actually specializes in real estate investing.

if you're going to copy someone else's lease, you should personalize it, understand it, and have it vetted by a qualified attorney before using it.