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Wendy S.
  • Ellenwood, GA
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College Rental terms

Wendy S.
  • Ellenwood, GA
Posted Aug 13 2019, 18:27

Good day fellow Bpers, I need your help.

April 2019, my daughter asked me to guarantor an apt for her senior college year in Fayetteville, Arkansas. After asking her to show me the cost savings of doing so I decided ok.

Apt was being offered for $499 deal for 12 months. No payment due until prior to move in Aug 2019.

I then asked my daughter if they had a 10 month contract. They did, but this attracted a $25 monthly fee to facilitate. We agreed this would be fine.

Fast forward to now Aug 2019. She got an invoice for:-

$590 monthly (not $499 deal rate as agreed)

$25 fee for 10 month rental

So $615 monthly recurring rent

Spoke with their office and was told this is the policy as the deal was only offered for the 12 month period. My daughter again called them, after which they pretty much told her the person initially who sent us documents and spoke to us made an error and should have pointed out that the 10 month lease would attract the regular rental rate.

I feel strongly they should take some responsibility and meet us halfway especially as they have also said they can't revert back to the $499/mth for 12 months as the special has gone.

Bear in mind this 10 month would also be from Aug 19, 2019 to May 31, 2020. Meaning we are being charged for the full month of August.

School starts Aug 26.

Am I wrong for feeling taken advantage of? Yes I went through the initial agreement but after reviewing the lease itself and clarifying a few points I deferred to my daughter as ultimately it's her lease.

I would appreciate some constructive criticisms and points for discussion. Tomorrow I am calling again to hopefully speak with someone in authority.

Price difference

$499 x 12 =$5, 988 vs $615 x 10 = 6,150

So while it's only $162 it's the principle I have an issue with.

Also should we pay full rent for August?

Sorry for the long post, just asking for future college costs if any.

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