Tenant Dating Registered sex offender

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I have a section 8 tenant in a 6 unit building who started dating a registered sex offender, my other tenants are upset because they have little kids and don't feel comfortable with a pedophile near their kids.  I reached out to the tenant's case worker, and she told me not much they can do since he is not living there.  They offender isn't on the lease, and doesn't live there, but recently he has been staying there.  I asked the tenant if he is living with her, she said no, he is just visiting, and stays a night here and there.  What is my best course of action? Should I just ignore the issue, since they are not really breaking any laws?

In am in Hartford, CT.

I had as similar issue, although the offender was staying there on the regular. When I spoke to my real estate attorney, he thought my first step was to simply send the lease a note letting them know I was aware of his statusand that I would prefer to let them out of their lease than to have them evicted for non-disclosure....luckily it worked and they moved out with out issue.

What are the rules as far as staying in the unit and not on the lease?  Ask your local rental association.

Think you need to resolve this quicker since you have a vulnerable population.

This is what drives me nuts about Portland, they're all great about ban the box on felony tenants.  

However, they don't think about his buddies that can't get a place and show up.  They also don't think about the vulnerable (elderly and single mothers) people that already live in the building.

You should ignore the issue. Unless they are breaking the law or the lease it's none of your business. If your other tenants are upset they will have to lobby their representatives to get the law changed that registered sex offenders can't date other people or be in the building.

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Tough situation.  I would touch base with an attorney and discuss legal ramifications, and then probably stay out of it.  It's not our place too tell someone who they can and cannot have at their house unless they are partaking in illegal activities.  In this case, it doesn't sound like they are.  I would definitely watch it like a hawk though. 

It is important to note that laws regarding registered sex offenders vary by state, so make sure you know how it works in your state. So it really depends, if you feel the need to let them out the property then take action. If it doesn't bother you the just ignore it.