Cleaning BEFORE painters arrive

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Why doesn't the apartment manager hire the cleaners BEFORE the painters come in & paint over all the greasy dirt!?!

She insists that "that's the way it's done"!?!

I worked as a maid with my parents while growing up & we had to clean apartments BEFORE the painters arrived.

Then, while I served in the Navy I learned that is in fact the correct order to do things. Scrape, clean, & THEN paint.


Hello P. It is normal for the cleaners to be the last thing scheduled. The reason being is that often times contractors such as painters leave behind a mess. Dirty shoes, trash, use the toilets, and sometimes drip little spots of paint on the floor. If they were the last ones in there then the house would not be clean for the new tenants or buyers. 

In a perfect world painters should clean the walls themselves before painting. 

Hope that helps explain why. 

I try to get the floors, baseboards and such cleaned after the painters prep and after they paint. Not much use cleaning before the prep since there’s always new drywall dust. But they always say they will clean before painting... but it’s usually a quick sweep if that much.

So I feel your pain, but in the end, a good cleaning once all the trades are out usually solves all the problems.

I agree that painting over dirty walls (or tubes, counters,  sinks..) is a waste of time. 

When my parents & I worked cleaning apartments & offices we always had to clean BEFORE the painters arrived .