Apartment refrigerator sizes?

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Hello all!

I’m in a disagreement with my partner over the size of fridges in our multi. The units are 1 and 2 bedrooms and roughy 900 sq ft per unit.

The kitchen is 7.5 ft wide and the cabinets are 24” deep. I want to purchase fridges that are as big as possible for the space which I’ve narrowed down to 29.5” depth and 15cu ft. This is actually not a huge fridge and I’ll admit this will be a tight fit but it will fit.

My partner wants to put 10 cu ft “apartment size” fridges in the space for design purposes. But I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around anyone really appreciating the design aspect of a mini fridge.

Any thoughts on this one?

Hi @Adriane Boggs , I would put myself in the resident's shoes - what would I like to have in a 2BR apartment. That would more than likely be a normal fridge for a household. It doesn't need an in-door ice and water dispenser, but IMO it should be big enough for a household unless it is a studio apartment.

There is also the appraisal to think about. The appraisal will be better with a full size fridge than with a mini.

Stick to your idea.

My daughters blew through good sized dorm mini-fridges in less than 2 years during college & the one my son had fell of a balcony during a NFL game ???. So I'd be inclined to go with a std full sized fridge. We put in the largest we can fit (scratch & dent stainless with a 5yr warranty). I include a water & Ice maker which I run Pex to during the rehab. Our tenants (esp the females) do appreciate the extra cu.ft. & the water/ice but they are paying $875+ rents.

We have cashed in on the extended warranties several times to our advantage. In fact one Samsung went through 4 'control boards' under warranty before we unloaded the lemon for what we originally paid. 

Here's one about the size you mentioned we squeezed into an old 1960's kitchen alcove (1st pic) & it does have a water/ice dispenser inside the fridge. Then we recessed the stove into the outer mudroom to open up the kitchen space.

If your husband cooks, ask him how he would like a 10 cu ft fridge and what it could actually hold.  Most young men probably won't care, but anyone who actually cooks (ie not pre-prepared meals that you pop in the oven) will appreciate a bit more space.

I would walk your best 3 comps, and see what they are doing. Also I would look at your tenant type as they students or an individuals who are not at home a lot?

Most renters would have a problem with a tiny 10 cu ft fridge and I would never put something that small in.  Especially for a 900 sq ft. apartment.  I think 15 cu ft is a bit too small, but at least it looks like a basic, standard sized (18-20 cu ft) fridge and would probably be acceptable to most people.  Especially if it is the only size that will fit in the space.   

I'm with @Joseph Firmin on this; for an apartment like this, and as someone who has been a tenant, personal preference and experience in that the small fridge really isn't the best way to go. It probably is best to go with that normal sized fridge (the dimensions of the one that you proposed - 29.5” depth and 15cu ft). All of this said, what type of market for renters are you working with? 

Just something that is currently on my mind, there are a ton of new commercial rentals here in Chicago and they have all of the amenities/utilities, but a trend I'm noticing is that they are going with those smaller fridges; to be 100% honest, I'd be pretty upset as a tenant paying all that rent for a commercial property for a mini-fridge -- I know your property isn't a commercial rental unit, but I think there's clear value add there as far as going with a full fridge and not a mini.