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I won bid on home.  signed contract and sent earnest money.  do i need a lawyer or my real estate agent to look over or help me finish the full transaction?  Or does literally walk it thru till the end?  So appreciate your guidance.  Read a lot already about looking into local title company vs. using their title company.....just don't know if I send everything on now to just my lawyer or just my RE agent or BOTH....? 

Hi @Kathy Payne , welcome to BP! I've never bought it from but I found this article which might be helpful to you:
If a Realtor helped you, definitely include them in on it. And I would definitely get your lawyer involved ASAP and explain where you are at in the process before going too much further. 

Congrats and hope it works out well for you!

@Kathy Payne

If you’ve already signed the contract and sent in EM, then you’re really past the point of acting on advice from an agent or attorney... unless you’re getting a title commitment and something odd pops up in the search that may pose a problem.

If you didn’t request a title company, there’s a good chance you agreed to use theirs in the contract. Once EM is sent in, the process goes pretty quickly, and you should be able to manage with just the property case manager telling you each next step leading up to closing. Congrats on your property!