Plumbing in my rental property

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I’ve been having issues with a certain type of pipes that are in place for my rental property. We had our second leak in the house because of the type of pipes we have in place. I called a plumber and he took a look at everything and he said the pipes are discontinued. He told me to file a lawsuit for that problem. I just want to know what y’all’s thoughts on that and if I’m just wasting my time reaching out to a attorney.

@Yuhei Kato  

@Yuhei Kato where is the property and who would you sue? 

In Florida (Orlando) a certain type of pipe isn't part of the current code so houses with that type of pipe has to be brought up to code when the house is sold. 

Did you get an inspection when you purchased the house? 

Is this a common problem in the area? 

Pipes leaking / breaking are part of home ownership, not sure who you can sue unless a plumber installed them recently and it's a: not to code b: they did bad work and it's causing you to re-do their work.


I've never heard of or seen that plumbing in the link. I figured he was referring to polybutylene which also has had issues. I have 3 properties that have polybutylene plumbing but haven't had any issues (so far). It looks like gray Pex. The main issues with it were the fittings.

A claim is a long term solution. I would run parallel paths and get a perm fix in place now to avoid future issues. You can always recoup the costs if you are successful with your lawsuit i would imagine. (my opinion)