Addendum to lease - tenant's two adult kids moving in temporarily

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I need to add an addendum to my tenant's lease agreement stating she has permission to move her two adult children in. This is a temporary situation since they are between rentals themselves. (I am fine with it and have screened them.) But she doesn't want them officially added to her lease (i use What sort of document do i use or create stating they are temporary guests and that all responsibility remains with my tenant for payment and any damages? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Julianne Croegaert . What's the reason the resident doesn't want her adult children added to the lease?

Here's one nightmare scenario:

  1. Adult children move in without signing a lease or undergoing any screening or verification
  2. Current on-lease tenant suddenly moves out
  3. The "temporary situation" ends up lasting a year or more
  4. Now you've got two unknown entities living in your property: no SSN, no credit check, no criminal background check, no rent verification


Every (EVERY!) adult that will be staying in our properties for an extended and unspecified time must sign the lease. Furthermore, I'm also going to run at least criminal background and sex offender checks on them.

Seems like you just need an amendment stating exactly what you have above. I googled "amendment to lease agreement ezlandlordforms residential" and found the right form in the first link. It was an ad link though, so double-check it. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there with more experience in this than I though.