Security Cameras?

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I moved into a building about 6 months ago, They said it would be secured with cameras, secure entrance and all..

There is one camera in the main entrance of the building but it has been smashed or ripped off the wall (gone).... The lock on the door is usually rigged so its open all the time and now kids are hanging out in the hallways writing gang names on the walls inside the building.. Someone urinates inside the elevator EVERY! day , you can imagine the smell..

Is there anyway legally I can get them to put a camera back up? Or anything I can do, I dont feel safe..

Thanks guys

Andrew -
I'd make a call to your local housing commission. I'm not sure how it works in Canada, but if the building is unsafe and the landlord is allowing people to do what you've mentioned, you have a leg to stand on.

I found the following info . . . see if they know any more:

Municipal Affairs and Housing Authority
* 4th Floor Standard Life Centre: 10405 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, (780) 422 0122