Set to close on our first duplex next week

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If everything continues to fall into place we will be closing on our first NOO duplex next week. This has been an off market deal with the sellers having an agent facilitate paper work.

Our good friends rent one half and they speak well of the other tenants who we haven’t met. Both leases have a couple more months on them. We hear the other tenants are buying a home and plan to move, which brings up my question.

How is best to open up communication with them? That half of the duplex is run through a property management company. I know I’ve been sloppy with this one.

Any tips of how to start a conversation with them? Do I need to get them to sign a lease with our name on it? We have copies of the current leases..

Thanks in advance

Look up estoppel letters, there have been a few very good posts on BP about them over the years. What state is the property in?