Breaking my lease early

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I need advice, please!

My boyfriend bought our first live-in flip property and I want to move in to this house with him. Problem is, I've been staying in a nice little unit at an apartment complex, and my one-year lease is not up until February.

I plan on sitting down and speaking with my apartment manager later today about ending my lease early. I have been a good well-behaved tenant, and paid my rent on the first of the month every month. The last 8 months here is the only rental history I have, and worry that if I ever need to rent again they will give me a bad referral.

Does anyone have advice or any warnings going into this talk with my apartment manager? What questions should I be sure to ask her? In what ways could this affect me in the future?

Please help me out! I want to go into this more prepared.

@Bridget Huebner your lease is a binding contract, technically if you breach any part said within, your landlord/leasing company has every right to hold you accountable. I would assume there is an early termiantion fee and the possibility of not receiving your deposit back, but as others have alluded towards, you need to read the lease. You're taking the right steps by speaking with your apartment manager. Additional advice, get everything in writing before breaking your lease. Hope this helps!

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