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Discuss Lease Purchases (Rent to Own, Lease Options). Talk about these creative real estate investing strategies for selling properties, how to buy them, why they can be useful, etc.

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Wichita KS Real Estate Attorney Recommendation?
Started by Jenny Pennock
2 Tiny 1443129841 avatar jennyp7 Last post byJenny Pennock
about 3 hours ago
How long does it take YOU to find a tenant buyer?
Started by Karen Morgan
0 Tiny 1425794670 avatar karenm5 Last post byKaren Morgan
1 day ago
Wholesaling lease options question
Started by Jenny Pennock
8 Tiny 1443129841 avatar jennyp7 Last post byJenny Pennock
2 days ago
Rent-to-own Help!
Started by Jason Reynolds
41 Tiny 1448397547 avatar jim gallagher Last post byJames Gallagher
2 days ago
First FSBO lead! Now what??
Started by Sebastian Gast
13 Tiny 1448386398 avatar charlesp23 Last post byCharles Parrish
3 days ago
Structuring a lease option deal! Help?
Started by Lakeesha Romero
0 Tiny 1424580294 avatar sasha26 Last post byLakeesha Romero
4 days ago
What strategy should I use to help in this situation???????
Started by Jarell Stokes
9 Tiny 1448387237 avatar wilseere Last post bySteven Johnson
5 days ago
What does a good Subject To deal look like
Started by Brent Hill
2 Tiny 1448324316 avatar reiskills Last post byBrian Gibbons
6 days ago
Contract Sales vs. Lease Options. Which is better?
Started by Jerrold Stallworth
3 Tiny 1433579827 avatar juntjoo Last post byBenjamin Cowles
7 days ago
How to buy a home while in CH13
Started by Gabriel Jeroh
5 Tiny 1448324647 avatar upenpatel Last post byUpen Patel
8 days ago
Master Lease Option Question
Started by Dante Williams
0 Tiny 1448386184 avatar dwilliams475 Last post byDante Williams
8 days ago
First post in forum..Buying a house to lease option
Started by Lance Wald
2 Tiny 1448322965 avatar pharmerjeff Last post byJeff Rabinowitz
9 days ago
Lease Option as a RE Agent in Los Angeles, California
Started by Yetzira Anselmo
0 Tiny 1419219611 avatar yetzi Last post byYetzira Anselmo
13 days ago
Looking for a Licensed Realtor to show properties in Minnesota.
Started by Darnell Pulphus
13 Tiny 1430314047 avatar austins agent Last post byPatrick Connell
18 days ago
Owner Financing
Started by Kenneth Guin
3 Tiny 1399733453 avatar jmr23 Last post byJared Rogers
18 days ago
Lease Option Assignment Help......(Option Consideration)
Started by Manny G.
3 Tiny 1447430636 avatar darnellp Last post byDarnell Pulphus
18 days ago
Lease Options Training and Education
Started by KJ Smith
3 No avatar tiny Last post byKJ Smith
20 days ago
Lease Option Numbers on a Million Dollar Home???
Started by Anita Fofie
9 Tiny 1448324555 avatar ramji Last post byRam Srinivasan
22 days ago
Creative Finance
Started by Nicholas Cornford
5 Tiny 1444974641 avatar steves60 Last post bySteve Snyder
22 days ago
Is Rent-T-Own A Creative Way Of Landing Your First RE Investment
Started by Paulette Midgette
5 Tiny 1403908095 avatar mailman Last post byCarl Randal
23 days ago

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