lease agreements for rental properties in Alberta

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 hello, i am hoping to become a  new landlord and wanted to see a few examples of lease forms ( in Alberta preferably) that my tenants would have to sign ( and what format would i have to use in order to make my own).  Also what would be the best way to check  the background/credit score of a tenant ? 

Hey George, you can probably find many examples of leases here on the website, I haven't looked in a while but I'm assuming the document section is still available for free.  Look under "tools".

@George Pedro in calgary the residential landlord association can provide much the same package of docs. What we don’t seem to have is a acrobat enabled version where the tenant can fill it out on a computer and sign. Instead I get it mostly filled on my computer and get them to sign and scan back the package. Not as good but at least is digitized at that stage.