In creating a marketing platform through a website/SEO, I find that there is a lot of competitors saying the same thing: "we buy homes for cash, any condition". 

Brainstorming ways to stand out while still offerring value to others--what about building a BRRR business model around buying homes through a Sale-Leaseback agreement? The premise is this: many homeowners need cash and have equity in their homes, but they don't have the credit or means to tap that equity through financing. Their homes may also be in desperate need of repair. If emotionally attached, they have no desire to leave their home. Wouldn't selling their home for cash and leasing it from the new owner be a viable option? Of course, same metrics would have to apply for the buyer: 1% rule, 70% ARV, etc.

Could this be a profitable business model or is it a disaster waiting to happen?