Structuring a lease option assignment

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I'm new to this forum and the world of real estate investing. I absolutely love the lease option concept as I recently got into a house as a tenant-buyer. So now I've been reading and watching a lot of videos to learn how to structure deals myself. I want to present a deal structure right here and welcome your comments in terms of if it would work in the province of Ontario or anywhere else. So let's say the homeowner has a property worth $500k. The agreed price purchase price is $600k. I do a 3-year assignment deal where the tenant-buyer gives an option deposit of $20k which is split between myself and the homeowner.  The homeowner bought the house 10-15 years ago so their monthly payment for mortgage and land tax is hypothetically $1600. The tenant buyer's monthly payment is $2300. The extra $700 monthly would be credited back to the tenant-buyer at the end of the term for a total of $25200, but even though the option fee was split between the homeowner and me, I want them to have that $20000 credited to them for a total of $45200. So tenant-buyer uses the credited amount as a downpayment to get a mortgage for $555000 + house. Would a lender do that deal even though the option payment was divided between the homeowner and me? What about if the credit option was considered an assignment fee and paid to me completely? Would that pose a legal problem by having the assignment fee used as credit towards downpayment?  Thanks in advance for your input. Regards

Moat lenders would not know that the down payment was split with you and the seller.  The seller simply shows the total amount as being received already.