Hey guys, Me and my partner started a wholesale company here in SoCal, or are in the process, and I came across an opportunity I feel to d a subject to the mortage. Now I feel like this process is super complicated. Heres the deal in short.

The property is valued at 650k but comps sell for 750k. There is a single mortage on the property, with 208,341 left on it, and the property was originally listed on the Mls and now is off market. The motivation of the seller is that he is going through bankruptcy, and his payments are only 1,150 on his current mortage, which for me in Socal is very good. I feel like the goal would be to aquire the property, and then refinance since the property has 444k in equity.

How would I go about this situation in talking to the seller and trying to get a Subject to deal? My ideal situation would be to move into the property, and rent out the other rooms at 900 each. How could I do that sort of thing and is it worth the troubles? I would love to learn everything I can so that I can go about it as legally as possible. I am aware of the Due on sale clause, and i'm curious would I need to contact the bank before getting it under contract or after? Anyone who has some advice please share! :)