Selling with lease with. an option

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I have a 3/2/2 all brick home in a great area and very good school district

All brick and I even put some new carpet in it. It once was under contact with a realitor for 105k, I am trying to lease W/option it for 99k, I have it in my local paper, CL and I even have bandit signs out marketing this house. I have heard of people using a lease agent on BP could I please have some mor info on a lease agent plus what do they charge and do you recommend using a lease agent.


Chip, are you marketing a property for lease that you don't own?

Do you have a purchase contract on the property?


I'm guessing he owns it if he put carpet in it. ;-)

I own it, I bought it subject 2

I need to drive more traffic to it, and the offers I get people only have 1 to 2k to put down on it. How can I get people looking at my house?

I would put up flyers in the laundromats around town, community centers, any store that accepts flyers. Put the house and number to call as a tear off tab.

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