Creative way to find leads?

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Well, like most I have scoured craigslist, bought some bandit signs and exhausted zillow. Anyone have some ideas on how I can attract more FSBO? Getting frustrated as it feels like I am chasing my tail, and would love some insight to what others are doing differently!

I'm not saying you can't do more but the most important thing is to understand that you're probably not doing anything wrong, it just takes time and a lot of numbers.

absolutely Dick.  I couldn't agree with you more on that one bud. Eric you need to keep on keeping on my man and don't let those little bumps in the road get you discouraged.  I am one of those few that have made huge success in such a short time of wholesaling.  i started on July 1 2014 and have closed on 4 properties and am averaging $8000 a month so far and i have 3 under contract now and 2 still pending a signature so this month is looking to be a HUGE one for me.  but not everyone shoots outa the gates like I have.  I have gotten all of my leads off of my bandit signs.  I started a mailer campaign last month but usually you have to hit that same list every month for at least 4-6 months to start seeing good results from that list.  just keep it up but and you will make it happen.

@Eric Giovannucci  

I assume you are marketing in San Jose, and that may be where the bulk of your difficulty lies, but I have a few questions anyway.

You say you have "scoured" CL and "exhausted" Zillow, what does this mean?

What kind of criteria are you using when searching those sites?

How many times have you contacted people using these avenues?  

What are method are you using for marketing (call, email, text, letter)?  

What kind of deals are you looking for?

Since this post is in the Rent to Own section, I'm assuming you are looking for someone to lease a property from in a sandwich lease option arrangement?

If so, what you might be looking for is a "motivated seller". The quickest way to identify a motivated seller is to see if they have the property for rent and for sale.

@Matt Ellis

Thanks for the shout out Matt

I basically have three or four strategies going at once

C&D areas absentee landlords wholesaling

A&B areas, good school districts, lease option assignments, subject to, wraparound mortgage

Sometimes I run into a minor rehab, but does not have enough equity, and I'll do a joint venture with the seller. Like a grandma house of the probate, just needs a new kitchen. You buy it subject to, sign the JV agreement, then pay the sellers equity after you do the minor rehab. Use private lenders for rehab, earn 10k for jv fee

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