Need help advertising my lease option house

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I have a house I want to sell through lease option. It is priced at market priced and set to lease at market rent. 

I placed an ad on craigslist and zillow but I have had very little response.

Where do you find these buyers?

Regarding tenant buyers and finding them, think about where renters are renting right now, where are they living, and how can you get a hold of them?

I think it has a lot to do with what kind of property you are offering, and exactly where the property is. I like to market for the buyers at hospitals and medical people because they have strong income but they usually have too much debt in student loans.

Also think of a meetup group; go to and start a group of people regarding homeownership and rent to own, have a licensed mortgage loan originator talk to the group, especially people that of been turned down for mortgage. Give the group some free information about rent to own and gather data about their dream home in their finances.

Try to get referrals think of people that advise people on financial matters such as CPAs and Financial planners; get the word out to them that you help people stop renting and get a mortgage through a rent a home program and ask them to look at their customer base and refer them to you.

Think of giving speeches; are you giving speeches? I know it is scary but it's a way to get the word out to people; go to learn how to give a speech in five minutes; go to the Chamber of Commerce and given quick speech.

draft one page letter and ask someone to pick their neighbor but will move into their neighborhood. I always offer some kind of referral like $50 or a popular restaurant gift certificate.

You can do the Facebook kind of marketing: our rent to own "homeownership in training" program.

But I think one of the cheapest way is to go to get tenant leads is to put a big sign on your front yard of the house saying rent to own home, if you have good income please call.

Have the phone number on the sign go to answering service that collects information such as name phone number and how much rent they are paying now.

Good luck!

I'd suggest posting it to postlets which can syndicate it to several different sites including the 2 you mentioned as well as trulia and other popular RE sites.

Try to register your property in rental sites like Zillow, rent (dot) com, Trulia that features apartment and houses for lease. Also, you can join to yellowpages, yelp, hotfrog and homestars. 

Having a website is also an advantage to promote your property. Do some marketing on Facebook, twitter and Gplus. 

Good luck!

I posted it at

We are getting more inquiries and I am altering my marketing. 

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