Will Property Managers facilitate RENT TO OWN?

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Hello BP Members,

As a newbie, I will take the 5th BP commandment: "no question is a bad question."   :)

Having said that, I have a Rent to Own question. 

Will a property manager generally help facilitate Rent to Own? Or perhaps some will, some won't? I am looking at property in KC, MO that I will buy first and subsequently either rent out or rent-to-own-out. I'm just curious if this might be an option (sorry for the pun) I could pursue. In either event, I need somebody to find and screen tenants, send the rent to me, assist with maintenance, and manage the property.

Secondly, does anyone know of a quality property manager in KC that specializes in either Brookside or Waldo?

Note: *I don't have the ability, living in Seoul, to manage the property if I decide to  purchase.



@Josh McNicoll  you're right, no question is a bad question!

I think its pretty realistic for a PM to help facilitate a rent to own if needed. As long as the PM is versed in that area and has their Broker's license. 

Brookside/Waldo are two of my favorite areas in KC, great choices. 

Happy to answer any other questions you may have in those areas on the buying side or PM side. 



Thank you Ray for the reply. Very nice to hear from you and to meet a property manager familiar with the area!



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