Yellow Letter Marketing...???

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Hey everybody, I'm thinking about doing some yellow letter marketing... Who should I target and what ways should I go about getting addresses... Expired listings? Tax records? Or driving? Thank you for any advise or comments, have a blessed week!

All of the above. I have never been a big fan of the yellow letter marketing. I have had good success with using professional letterhead. Not to say the yellow letters will not work, I have never tried. Good luck and I hope it works in your target market.

@Samuel Fuoco  I would recommend you read as much about yellow letter marketing as you can from the blog and forum post and listen to the @Jerry Puckett  and @Michael Quarles  podcast. Between all those resources you are guaranteed to get a solid idea on whether or not you should use yellow letters. Very best of luck in deciding.

thank you @Carey Edmund, I will definitely check those out. Have a great week

Well for Lease Option Assignments and Sandwich Lease Options, as well as Wraps and Sub2 Low Equity Deals, I like this approach.

Free Marketing

  • Expireds - The Best
  • Listed Houses
  • Landlords
  • FSBOs
  • We Buy Houses Companies

I use a cover letter and say (for expireds)

  • Sorry you tried to sell with an agent recently
  • A little known solution is called Lease to Own
  • Enclosed are some articles about lease to own


Paid Marketing

  • Postcards
  • Zip Letters
  • Yellow Letters

@Jerry Puckett   @Michael Quarles @Dev Horn all are experienced marketers for motivated sellers.  They are sweet nice guys too.

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