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New to investing. 

My broker is an investor as well, but he gave me access to the MLS...... looking for tips for criteria to narrow down the search results. Looking to do a lease option. Any tips, advice helps.......if my question isnt clear enough, sorry, let me know if it is!

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Hi Travis 

I like high days on the market DOM and expired listings for sellers that have trouble selling with an agent

Most of these houses don't have a lot of equity and what I try to do is talk to the sellers about either 

doing a lease with option or 

a lease purchase or 

subject to or 

a wrap

WOW! Brian Gibbons, thank you; I have watched a few of your youtube videos, as well as read "real estate rewind". Great stuff! So you look off market as well? 

There are 20 million houses Travis That have very little equity and these houses sometimes are on quiet streets and they need no work and they are paid up so they're not in trouble, not distressed

You make money by being a problem solver for the seller and making 3 per cent as an assignment fee.

What a lot of people don't realize is sellers need help but they don't understand the costs to sell with an agent

Costs to sell include commissions, closing costs, sellers concessions, spruce up costs like paint and landscaping, and vacant house while the house is being sold through the agent

I describe this in a long post in the starting out section of the forms, so look for that long posters a few hours involved there

Bottom line here is the spring is going be really tough for real estate agents in general, and if they would focus on helping sellers selling on terms verses for cash they would make a lot more money

An agents would make a lot more money

And buyers would get their dream home in their chosen neighborhood in their perfect school district today, not making some landlord in some crappy apartment or rental house :)

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