Yellow Letters

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Thinking of starting a Yellow Letters Marketing campaign for dated homes in an area that is being completely turned. Wondering what experiences you all have had with the letters and if anyone has done split testing which ones have worked best (color envelopes, urgent, letter type, etc.) @michaelquarles... any input?

Thanks in advance!

I have always done yellow letter, red pen, ivory invitation envelope, and personalized stamps.  I've gotten houses and i've gotten angry phone calls haha

I haven't done them but I am planning to start a yellow-letter campaign within a few weeks. From what I have seen, if you make the envelope a unique size, and hand write the address  you will get more people to open them up. I haven't seen much information about whether the colors matter too much but I am sure the more unique and personal it looks the higher your percentage is for converting.

We sent out 5k yellow letters . Goal is every month; two rotations. 4x6 invitation size card and handwritten font on linen paper. Everything and I mean everything is done in-house and we have it down to a science in order to effectively manage costs. Winning the savings war! $$ :) Also, everything is automated to handle the volume. 

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