Want to stop Renting and Start Owing in Central Florida!

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My husband and I dream started seven years ago when we decided to move to Florida.  My aging mother was not initially part of our plan but we decided to move her with us and take care of her.  Mom passed away last year and a lot of our savings went towards her cancer bills and taking care of her.  We are trying to refocus and get out of this rental property into a property we will financial benefit from.  My husband is on a fixed income retirement, pension and SS.  Any suggestions on programs here in Florida that can help us.

Thanks in advance any input,

Lynn J 

Have you gone to a credit union to get pre approved for a mortgage? 

No, we know we wont qualify for a mortgage because of the bill we incurred and are paying off.  We are trying to increase of fico score but checking to see if there is any way around that while paying this rent, that could go toward a mortgage. 

What about owner financing???

Start owing is right.  Most of us here on BP have massive amounts of debt.  Owning can exacerbate an already tenuous situation if one also has credit card debt, car payments, student loans and no emergency fund.  Add the costs of ownership and one could sink quickly.  Nothing on fire here.  Take your time so your dream doesn't become a nightmare!

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