How do I find a realtor who can help with my business?

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How do I find a realtor who can help with my rent to own business or real estate business in general? What I am worried about the most is a rogue realtor who will try to take any lead I get. It would be nice to hear from BP members on how they work with their realtors, and how they keep everything running smoothly. Thanks

You should find a Realtor who is also investing so they know what they are doing and how they can be helping you. A good agent should be able to walk you through a deal and an even better Realtor should be able make sure you're not over paying. I wouldn't worry about a Realtor trying to steal your deal. Unless he is some mega-millionaire who can afford any property he wants, chances are he can't buy it to begin with.  

Things may be different where you are, but in CO, Realtors cannot oversee lease option deals unless it's their own. But they could help you find the property on the buying side.

@Colin Smith

Thanks for the response.

What I was thinking is a realtor might be thinking why would they help me, when they can do deals all by themselves? Hence leading realtors to take leads. How do I start looking for a realtor who can help me?

Also, what did you mean by realtors cannot oversee lease options deals?

Any agent who steals a deal from you is stupid, and you don't want to work with a stupid agent. If you truly have the ability to perform, and this is a business for you, any agent working for you has a constant stream of income that you are providing. The first deal they steal from you all that goes away.

Realtors that find the leads themselves would love to find the buyer themselves so if they have you as a serious investor they will touch base with you when they come across deals. My wife is a realtor and we have some cash buyers that we have relationships with and investor who may be looking to finance deals.  They are in our circle because they trust that we have educated them properly on how to reach their goals.

If you find the deal yourself and really need a realtor to provide accurate comps than be sure to use that agent as the listing agent if your going to flip the property or if they provide property management services give them business on your rentals.  Don't just make it a one way street where you call them and ask them for comps or about the area and you never give them business.  If you are wholesaling and you really cant afford to give them business right away, consider getting your real estate license.

This is just my experience when I was getting started and one way for you to go.  My first few deals were hud and bank owned flips. I found my realtors through  Look on that site for your city,state and reach out to those realtors. Realtors that have bank owned listings are also a good place to start.  You will definitely have to talk to more than one I'm sure, we're not all created equal. Lol. Good luck

I personally would not want my agent to also be the listing agent, even if it for a HUD property. In my opinion you want someone who will be representing you and not trying to get both sides of the commission.

Start talking to other investors and ask who they are using for a Realtor. Your fellow investors have already, or at least should have already, done their homework in finding a good agent.

What I mean by not being able to oversee a lease option is if you are trying to sell a property with a lease option a Realtor can't help you. You won't be able to list it on the MLS and you'll want to find a good attorney to draft all the legal documents for you.

Try to find a realtor that has experience personally investing or has worked w investors in the past. Their knowledge of investment properties and rental rents(assuming you plan on renting) will pay off in spades. Also make sure you are comfortable working with them, I've certainly met many smart people that I wouldn't do business with for one reason or another.

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