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looking to get into subject to/ lease options. I know I will need an attorney, but my question is should I start marketing now and find an attorney when I start getting leads?  Should I use any prepaid legal services? I don't have a ton of money to start out? Also living in WV border to Ohio. 

I'm looking at making the same move. I'm consulting with an attorney this week. I don't really have the money to spare, but I certainly can not afford to lose any money on a bad deal. So I decided to be pro-active and bite the bullet

Hi Brian,

I always try to do as much "free" stuff as possible first. I personally would recommend going out and trying to get appointments and once you have a deal then contact an attorney. What happens if you spend all this money on an attorney and then you find out its almost impossible to get a subject to in your area or that meats your criteria? Plus, you get to see if this is something you even want to do before spending much money (if any).


I suspect you have not learned real estate yet as that question of which comes first would have been known.

First, learn real estate, then look into lease option to purchase transactions, Sub-To and such. Learn real estate before trying to deal in real estate!

Then find a local RE attorney to assist when you have a bird in hand, not in the bush. :) 

I have found attorneys to be most beneficial (and happy) when discussing a specific matter or contract to review.  A general discussion about sub2 and lease options will confuse, cost a lot and probably get nowhere.   Utilize a competent RE attorney for sure - when you have something specific to go over @Brian Humphrey .

@Brian Humphrey

I coach new real estate investors

Go to a Reia president and ask for a lawyer referral

Borrow some money to pay for the attorney

Ask for paperwork for buying on a 

-lease option assignment


-Wraparound mortgage

-Contract for deed

Search on Bp these topics

Good luck!

sorry took so long where I work, I have no service. Thank you for the responses. I was thinking that's what to do first , but scared to fail. I know it will happen eventually just want to get confident in pulling the trigger. @Brian Gibbons what do I have to do to get some coaching. Again thank you all. 

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