I need forms necessary to put Lease/option (assignment) deals 2gether in CALI

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I thought BP was a place where REI help other REI. Every thread I've found where a REI new to Lease/Option is requesting forms,contracts,memos,etc. etc. to do these types of deals, some REI Guru half a$$es the answer to the question and pitches his Coach mentor program. Com'on!

I've experimented by placing ads on CL "Rent-To-Own Specialist". I filtered through tire-kickers by making people fill out a credit-app and provide Proof of Funds and Proof of income for the deposit/option fee/first months rent. My direct lender officer friend said some of these people actually qualified or near qualified for loans in the price ranges I placed ads (mostly Inland Empire). I made 190 total calls (in a weeks time) on Rent ads on CL and got 14 interested sellers. This was only to test how effective the strategy really was.  The potential is real it seems like. 

My pitfall, no one is willing to help me out (without charging me/ or selling me something) by providing me copies of the forms/contracts/memos used for this type of transaction.

Please help, anyone. 

PS: By help, I don't mean I'm interested in paying you for your amazing mentor program. I'll go 50/50... or even 60(you)/40 if you provide me the money making forms. 

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