Providing Blank Documents When Doing A Lease Purchase Consultation

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When you are consulting somebody on how to do a lease purchase and you are providing blank documents - I know you're not supposed to fill out the documents for the client for an actual transaction but was confused as to whether it is a no - no to show/give them the same documents filled out for a sample non-existing transaction?

Like when you attend a seminar or purchase a course and you have sample transactions filled out in the forms included in the course.

Whats the procedure for providing blank documents - do not want to cross the line or be accused of acting as an attorney.

My gameplan is to provide a sample transaction from start to finish with every document I would use filled out with sample data.

Look for TREC docs

Sale and Purchase


Type up escrow instructions what happens in default

I don't know what a "consultation"means, for the seller, who is moving in, you?

Thanks for the reply.

I should have been more clear - I will be consulting with sellers on how to do a lease/rent to own with their house to a tenant/buyer. I'm just trying to make sure that I'm staying within the law by showing/giving them documents of a sample deal to use as examples. I am only educating them on how I would do a particular deal. They will be filling out their own paperwork, posting ads, etc.

While it may depend on the state law involved, it is my experience that there is no issue with giving someone a blank document for them to fill in.  Do not take money for your service, that does cross the line.  Just be careful you do not lead them down the wrong path when consulting with them if they truly needed an attorney.  Would the $300 to $500 for an attorney be a smarter play?  Have you considered the Dodd/Frank act?  Are they violating that?  What if your forms became obsolete in the last year or 2?  Just some thoughts.

Lets not make this complicated here- I'm not trying to teach all the in's and outs about lease options. I'm just teaching what i do - and it is clearly disclosed that I do not guarantee what i do will work for you; to seek financial and legal advice; and my information may be out of date - but this is what I do and it works for me. If you want to learn what I do, you have to pay me for my knowledge. 

I do not believe I'm crossing the line in regard to how I teach my method. I just noticed that most people who are consultants say "they provide the proper paperwork" and my question was do they just provide blank documents or do also provide an example of the documents filled out.

@Fred The Seminar I attended provided similar documents and they were very clear that they were for our use only but they were copyrighted. So if your using them to do a deal you should be ok but if you're using them the share or consult others who did not attend or pay for the seminar, you may be crossing legal boundaries. It's not worth going to jail or getting sued.

Thanks for the replies BUT I figured out the answer myself .... not worried about being sued I got PREPAID LEGAL on speed dial.....

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