What do I do when I have to many leads?

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I am generating 10 to 15 leads per week per territory yet I can't seem to find the right investors to partner up. Are the any investors that are truely transactional engineers and can close on the motivated seller leads that I produce?  

@Brian Sinclair I'm a firm believer that if the deals are actual deals then the properties will sell... Keep networking your area and reach out to agents and others who can help. Not a bad problem to have.

@Brian Sinclair

Just wondering:

What do you qualify as a lead? What defines a motivated seller? What are they saying would be the best solution for them? Are they willing to sell on terms? Why would you build leads without a solution or exit strategy?   

@Nick Britton - The problem here is that I don't have a single target market. I can produce these leads in any market and I am looking to expand into other markets but it is hard to find investors with the diversity of enough of knowledge to be considered transaction engineers.

@Nathan Weaver - These are sellers who are responding to marketing of "I buy houses". The rest of your questions are to broad. Each seller is different. You have to be a transaction engineer to solution the situation. Once you know the "Why are they selling" and "What do they need" then you have to engineer the solution. We offer 4 basic routes, 1. Wholesale , 2. Lease Option , 3. Seller Financing , 4. MLS Listing

@Brian Sinclair Sounds Good. How many of these leads do you have under contract currently? If you use either a Wholesale, Owner Financing or Lease Option, what exactly do you need from an investor? 

@Nathan Weaver , I put at least 1 property under contract every week per territory that I am marketing to. I need other investors because I want to expand into their market with them. I can supply seller leads and the buyer, they get the seller under contract and be the boots on the ground.