Finding Investor Friendly Attorneys In Southern California

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I tried finding closing attorneys, title and escrow companies. I have good prospects for rent to own homes. I'm near Victorville, California North San Bernardino area. I haven't given up, only just frustrated. 

when calling,I ask the receptionist what kind of services they offer in regards to real estate. After I ask, if they deal with very many investor type clients.  If they do, I will let them know I need an attorney to facilitate my real estate closings on rent to own type transactions. It's necessary that the attorney is experienced with creative financing, owner financing etc. Also I will need the attorney stroke my docs. Facilitate the signing of docs between me and the owner of property to be rented for ownership. Secondly do the same for me on the signing for the tenant/ buyer (renter) and  They take phone my number and name but the attorney doesn't call back on numerous occasions. The title or escrow due, to their state regulations do not deal transactions was there is no deed transfer involved for ownership (If I'm explaining it right) I appreciate any insight or suggestions.