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Hello and welcome to BP!  I read a free book by Lance Edwards about starting with small apartment complexes and it was quite good and convincing.  You do not need prior experience but you do need to know what you are getting into.  It can be a good option for employed people who do not have much time.   You might be in a pretty good place but I do not know much about New Jersey because I have never been there.  I live in Dallas Texas County and was born and raised in Dallas.

There is not a big hurry right now because the inventory is low and it tends to be a seller's market.  Timing is everything and so is quantity to make money in real estate.  You need to make plenty of offers.  Good luck to y'all!

RTO is all but illegal in the state of Texas and the penalties are so severe that it isn't worth the risk involved. There ARE a few creative ways around the RTO dilemma but if a court determines your activity to be skirting the RTO laws they can declare you have broken the law anyway. Because of this I will not attempt anything even close to an RTO here. Markets outside Texas? You bet!

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