New Ideas for Advertising for Tenant Buyers

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Where is everyone marketing their contracts for their tenant buyers? My old standby was my buyers list and Craigslist but they aren't working as well as they used to. I've also done well on Zillow/Trulia but they deleted two of my accounts in the past couple days due to Terms and Conditions. Please advise. Thanks!

I use the basics as well... Zillow/Trulia and Craigslist and I have gotten tenant/buyers on some of my properties that way but by far my largest call volume comes from signage. And I don't make my signs look like realtors. Mine are big and yellow with black lettering. I primarily use a 8X3 banner that just says "Rent-To-Own/Phone#/No Banks No Credit." I had one property that was next to a Burger King Drive Thru. I put up a 5X10 coroplast sign and mounted it above the chainlink fence right in front of the drive thru line. I got about 20 calls a day from that one. Obviously signage works best in high triffic areas but I still do it everytime and go big! I even put a sign in front of a house in a cul-de-sac and the neighbors ended up referring my tenant word of mouth. 

Bottom line, Big Yellow signs stand out and keep the phone ringing.

BTW I noticed Craigslist only deletes my ads if I say something like "Free Credit Repair". I have not read all the craigslist rules but when I took that out and kept it simple they didn't delete the ads. I think they have a word scan that sees certain words like free and auto-deletes them. I'm assunimg it's because CL being a classified ads site doesn't want free services being offered.You can read the rules or keep posting until they stop deleting like I did. 

I hope that helps. Happy hunting.


Thank you. I've had some resistance with signs in the past from sellers. There was a real estate company that used Golden Retrievers on their signs about a decade ago, I'm going to contact my sign company and see what I can do to get something like this made up. I had yellow and black signs but a lot of my sellers refuse them.  If I get something in a more commercial area I'll definitely do the large yellow and black signs! Great idea!

I'm also looking for a Zillow/Trulia work around. They said that because I only own the contract that I can't post the property for rent or sale. This is a recent change, working on it today. 

Thanks for your post! 

Have a great day,


I have used most of the above and Craigslist has been my biggest go to. One other option you could try is Facebook. Not necessarily posting to your profile but if you search your area there is probably some sort of real estate group page or rental page you can join and post housing. 

Just a thought 

I'm a big believer of personal touch. I find that good pics + description will get shares and tagged a lot more on facebook. I operate under the assumption that while people looking for places check marketplaces, they most often rely on friends (and their friends aren't checking out zillow for no reason!) 

We have had the most success with Craigslist. That being said, also check on Facebook in your area. I live in a small town (9500 pop) but we are within 20 miles from a larger city. There are a couple of Facebook pages where people post houses for sale/rent. Maybe your area has one of those as well!

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