Rent to own - looking for good resource

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I am looking for a good resource, either a book, blog, or ?? on the topic of rent to own agreements as a landlord/seller.  I understand the basic concepts but would love to know more. I found a sample Residential Option to Purchase Agreement from Mike B in Tools...Thanks,

Good Question @Tony Ande I would be interested in this as well. Will check out the Tools section but more detailed information would be helpful. 

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Hello Guys,

I am not sure if you have found anything yet or not.
I have read almost every book out there on lease options. 

Here are some of the people I would recommend to follow if in case you are still interested in lease options :
Joe Mccall (Great System)

Joe Crump (Good youtube videos)

Chris Goff (Great youtube tutorial)

Claude Diamond (Amazing on Phone)

Michael Carbonare - Naked Investor

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