New investor thinking about lease options

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Hi BP community!

I am 22 years old working full time but I am thinking about investing in real estate. I think I have found some potential sandwhich lease options. I am looking for anyone with experience in doing lease options in NY. Particularly Rockland County, Westchester and the Hudson Valley. Looking to connect with a real estate  agent that works with investors as well as other investors!

I just made an account on this forum and I've been considering a similar strategy. Unfortunately I live in Washington across the country. Has anyone else posted any information on sandwich leasing in the BP community? I see you posted this a month ago, have you learned anything new in that time frame? 

The foremost authority on Lease Options of all types is @Wendy Patton . She has been doing these for years and covered virtually all types that you could ever think of. I would reach out to her and see if she can give you some guidance. She also has many books on the subject. I own a few, they are top notch. I hope this helps.

I've done lots of lease options in PA. Let me know if I can assist.

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