Rare opportunity! Need to approach seller with lease options.

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I have a relative that is reaching the age where they wanna sell everything off and retire. He currently has a chunk of land in a good area of the city. Has a total of 12 lots with one that currently has a house on it and being rented. His initial plan was to develop it but has lost steam and wants to pull the pin. The price he gave me I feel makes it a very rare opportunity to just hold onto it and sell mmoff to a multi unit developer/contractor or something of the sort in one deal. I have just bought my first two single family homes this past year using the brrrr method. Everything worked out perfectly but I have looked into it and am unable to gain financing from any conventional lenders to attempt to figure out a deal. I am wanting to know of any lease to own,seller financing or contracts where I would be able to approach him and pitch ideas for me to purchase it or take control of it find a buyer then pay him back. Any help input or advice is greatly appreciated!

Or any methods to acquire it that will benefit the both of us.

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