Colorado Lease to Own (Lease Option) Contract

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Good morning all, 

Colorado has a plethora of state approved contracts and forms but I can’t seem to find anything for a Lease Option or a Lease with the Option to Purchase Agreement.

Is this something that is included in the standard Contract to Buy and Sell Residential Real Estate contract? Or is there a separate agreement?

All I can find online are guru contracts and I don’t trust those as far as I can throw them.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

@Dan Williamson I love doing lease options! You will have to pay the money and have an attorney draw it up. You will also need to read up on it, because a lot of attorneys may not understand what you are trying to do.
This could end up with equitable interest on the person you lease option to. You don’t want that. I recommend reading The Straight Path to Real Estate Wealth by Kris Krohn