Finding FSBO (For Sale By Owner) where do you go to find deals?

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These are all over in small quantities you can find them on Redfin, Zillow,, Craigslist, and even driving your desired area. They are just a pain because they aren't on a nice easy to look at list like MLS. You can also do direct marketing to find people who haven't decided to sell their home yet.

Hi @Rah-sheen Blalock ,

Thanks for the fried request by the way. We find that For Sale By Owners take a lot more time to nurture because they truly believe that they can sell it on their own. That's why they are a FSBO! What we have a lot of success at is Expired listings. We find that is more immediate checks because they are already frustrated with their Realtor (in most cases) and are open to alternatives.

However we just had an expired lead call back this evening that we spoke to 2 years ago.  At the time they had expired for $569,900 and they just expired again at $489,900!  When $80k slips away they're definitely going to be more receptive.  You just have to stay consistent with your lead generation.