Cancellation of Contract for Deed was served by processor to occupant, in MN. There has been no communication from occupant, either to us as the home owner or to our attorney who drafted the paperwork. Its clear he has no intentions of paying us the thousands that are owed, let alone reimbursing us for attorney/courier fees. 

All that said, what happens if after the 60 days cancellation period is up, the guy is still squatting on our property? Obviously, they are now trespassing on the property we own and contract is dead, but the reality is the guy is still in our property.

Does anyone have experience with what comes next? My fear is we will have to go through another multiple month process of having the sheriff actually come to the property to physically remove them.

Figured this would be a good discussion to start, if anyone has experience with CDs, please reply!

Thanks in advance.