Examples of wording for a lease option ad?

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I have 2 houses that I want to offer on a lease option.  It seems like suddenly I lost my mojo in locating great tenant buyers and I am exhausted!   Need your input, experience and successful ad examples, please!

Hi Heather,

Not sure what you mean.  You may have lost your mojo if you are accepting tenant/buyers with too low of a down payment.  We usually do 3%-10% down.  If you do any less than that you have a glorified tenant and the risk increases that they will trash your property.

Hope that helps,

Chris Pre

Hi Heather,

You need to make it super attractive to your buyer and market your listing every day on craigslist and other social media websites.

Structure your offer in a way to offer 10-50% rent credits/ seller concessions on the rent money.

Tenant buyers only care about the monthly payments and downpayment requirements.
You need to make sure that both these numbers are not too high according to your market standards.

Let me know if you need any help.