How to create a land trust

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I bought a piece of land recently and I'm buying a sub2 deal next Wednesday. I'm buying these in land trusts. I already bought the land and on the deed, I put the land trust, I just need to create the land trust. 

So I've been searching Google, Reddit, BP, you name it, for the past 3 weeks. I asked some people at the local investor group, they referred me to the $1,500 Lou Brown course. I listen to some Mitch Stephens podcasts, they give you just enough to still be clueless and refer you to the Lou Brown course, thanks for the help. $1,500 to get a document I can fill in on my computer. Seems like I could just search Google for 2 hours and easily find a land trust document that I can download, fill in, and boom, done. 

What is the mystery behind these land trust documents and how to create them, LOL, I mean seriously? I can find classified military manuals online, information about nearly any topic in a few seconds, I've been using the internet for 20 years, I'm pretty good at it. I can't figure out a damn thing about a land trust aside from learning that I need to pay a guru a few thousand, fly my happy *** to Georgia and sit in a boot camp for 3 days? 

So I go to the BP file place, surely someone has uploaded this stuff. Surely some do-gooder has come forth with the bootlegged guru material and made it available for free download with my pro BP account... no such luck...

Can anyone send me instruction about creating a simply land trust?

@Mike P.

I am not sure about your State, as each may have their own specific requirements. For Florida there is a excellent book with all the forms by Warda called Land Trusts in Florida.

You can also look at Mr Land Trust aka Randy Hughes

I would highly suggest that for your first land trust in that state you either spend the money with a comprehensive course specific to that state or hire an attorney knowledgeable for that state. A land trust is not as easy as fill out the blank. There are a lot of things you need to know behind it to avoid mistakes that can be costly later on.

Once you get that knowledge, yes they are easy to set up and you can do it yourself. Before that, I would caution you to seek advice.