For Sale By Owner Sites for Deals

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@Jathin Reddy from Torrance, California

Hi Jathin, we call them FSBOs (For Sale By Owner). You can find them thru Zillow, pretty updated. As for rents, there's a website that gives a pretty accurate rent average, called rentometer. 

I completely understand you want to save money, going that route. But here in California, the Seller's pay the agent's buyers commission. So, in other words,  if, you are buying, the Realtor's commission is paid by the seller. So, the services we provide to you are of no charge to you. 

Anyhow, if you wish to connect, you are more than welcome to. 

Otherwise, I hope this helps!

-Rudy Vazqquez

Buying deal without realtors takes marketing savvy to get in front of the seller, but chopping that commission out of the picture creates value for the buyer and seller which allows more chances for a lower purchase price. Less hands in the pot could mean more cookies for the buyer and seller... if you can beat the agent to the deal. 

@Rudy Vazquez that is incorrect. Ultimately the agents commission comes out of buyer’s money. The seller just factors the commission when setting the sale price. So when no commissions are to be paid the sale price is lowered accordingly. Buyer’s also expect discount when agent(s) are taken out it picture. P.S I sold my property last week without any agents.

@Animesh Das Investor from Hayward, California

I see your point of view, and that's fine, if you wish to keep it that way. 

In my local MLS, the listings are selling at or near 97 percent of the asking price. Our listings are selling on average at 102 percent — 2 percent over list price. Example; On a $300,000 transaction, the seller who sold at 97 percent would net $291,000 before commission and other costs. Our clients, who on average sell at 102 percent of list price, would net $306,000. That extra $15,000 not only covers full commission, it also puts more money in the seller’s pocket.

I work extremely hard to market and expose to the highest amount of buyers and the Agent's that represent them in order for my Seller Clients, to get the highest offer for their home. 

-Rudy Vazquez

P.S. - I would've gotten you a higher offer. 

@Jathin Reddy you can just type in "for sale by owner homes" and find a bunch of them.  We never try to alienate anyone but the comments that you're getting here are accurate. You don't NEED a Realtor to buy and sell.  Typically we just wait until the houses can't sell with a Realtor to contact them.  That way, having tested the market, they are more apt to listen to alternative options.  I was a Realtor and Broker/Owner for 18 + - years so I understand the argument for having a Realtor.  However as long as you're using the proper documents and using an attorney you're safe.

Hope that helps,

Chris Pre

P.S. - I would've gotten you a higher offer. 

I would be hesitant to work with an agent who says "I can do better" without knowing how I did. Because it indicates a attitude to dismiss seller as someone who doesn't know anything.

@Doug Pretorius

Hi Doug, never did I figure this venue, would amount to "Trolling". I don't think there is a need to call people stupid, who have a different point of view from yours. 

I sincerely wish you have a better rest of the day!

-Rudy Vazquez.