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I'm in a rent. Something that seems simple but also what to keep in check. My first rental property showing is tomorrow and had 2-3 people who said who wanted to see it but no one confirmed except for one. The only thing with that one is that she needs a place to stay for a year. I'm doing rent to own/owner financing to sell. Should I still give this woman a chance to see the property? I would like to have someone who will eventually buy it, not just a short-term. And I guess my overall question, how do you keep disciplined in making such little decisions? What is the best practice to keep a clean and efficient system for screening peopl
@Asher Carr A couple days and no replies yet so you get me...a fairly new newby :) I’ve given it a chance for the big hitters to weigh in but here’s my thoughts regardless. A significant nonrefundable down payment separates a “renter only” from a tenant buyer...the decision is easy if you know which one you’re after. For me... I don’t want to waste time with ”renters only” so the deposit requirement naturally sifts the “renters only” out. No hard feelings to anyone but I’m not running subsidized housing...this is my business. However, if you want to rent a house then call it what it is... Also, a tenant buyer with bad credit should be in a credit repair only makes sense. If you only have 3 potential buyers it makes me curious how your marketing your houses? Not sure if this helps but it’s my shot from the cheap seats!!

Hi @Asher Carr , we put all of our buyers through an education process before they even see the home.  That way the renters disqualify themselves out once they understand it does require a down payment and they are buying a home.  If you're interested in this business I can give you a few things to check out.  Shoot me a message.

If I don't hear from you I wish you good luck with this one,

Chris PRe