Might sell primary home as a rent to own, thoughts?

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Hey BP! It's come up where I will be moving out of state. As such I looked into selling and renting my home, and both are viable, but someone approached me to rent to own my home, and I hadn't thought of it prior so I was hoping to get some insights! What opinions do you have that immediately come to mind? I was originally ok with both renting it selling and now I feel like this could be a either a fantastic middle ground, or a hole I know nothing about and could fall into. I am DEFINITELY willing to look I to podcasts and books as well if you have any ideas of where to go :)

@Jacob Chapman You're exactly right, rent to own is essentially the middle ground between renting and selling. You can get a premium tenant and a premium price in exchange for helping them to buy.

My experience with regular tenants is that even the good ones are constantly calling you about little nonsense issues. While I almost never hear from a tenant/buyer until they're ready to close.

Do your research. Get a real estate lawyer who's familiar with lease options. And give it go!