Newbie in Nashville Tennessee looking for someone to connect

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I would be happy to reach out to people who are investing or if not wanting to invest in the Davidson and Summer County. I am a newbie and I want to start investing this year. I might have to wait until next year to qualify for a mortgage, but I'm looking to do lease options and buy/hold the property by doing seller financing or partnering. If anyone is around the area or know how to connect with local investors, please let me know, I would really appreciate your help. Thank You.

@Jose Soto aye man hows it going ? best of luck on your journey in real estate investing , im not from your area but i make it a habit to build relations everywhere i can. If you have any questions man feel free to hit me up when ever... As for connecting with people in your area have you tired checking out

Thank you for your support! No I haven't checked out, but I would definitely check it now. Also I will hit to see what's going on. I really appreciate your help, thanks.

@Jose Soto hey Jose, welcome to BP! Im also a newer investor in Nashville and just bought my first house hack last year and am planning on acquiring 1-2 more properties this year. Dm me if youd like to connect/chat more. Best, Kyle

Hey @Jose Soto . Awesome to see you on here! REIN is definitely a good place to start. I think a good thing to know going in to learning about real estate investing is that there are about 1000 different routes you can take. There are tons of different sectors and niches within real estate and also within real estate investing. That's awesome that you seem to already have some idea of a direction you want to pursue. But it can be easy to get shiny object syndrome when you're first getting into it (like I did, haha). My two cents are to try to find the area that you actually find interesting and are drawn to (and perhaps you already have!). I'm super into the Short Term Rental area, so if you ever want to know more about that here let me know!